Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Talk about wanting a legacy...

Honolulu HI - The Honolulu Star Bulletin report says it all in the first 2 sentences:

A toy monorail train circles a track under the Christmas tree in the reception area of Mayor Mufi Hannemann's office.

"Mufi Express," the sign on the display reads. "Full size coming in 2012."

Those two sentences tell me all I need to know that this plan is not well thought out, being built for all the wrong reasons and will only serve to fleece the taxpayers who will have to pay for the line for decades after it's built.

The Honolulu fixed guideway plan is more for the political legacy of the Mayor and other politicians than for the transportation needs of its citizens. That sign on the toy train display in the your office tells the general public more than you thought it would Mayor Hannemann.

Not to worry Mufi, the "Mufi Express" will get rammed through one way or another and you'll have a brass plaque somewhere on the project that bears your name as one of the principal people that helped get it built. Your legacy will be secure and you may even get a station along the line named after you.

The primary choice for the planned route is rail. An expensive option that will do no more than a far less expensive busway. Any of the possible options will not do what is claimed however and that is to reduce traffic congestion.

In case people are wondering why I am jumping all over this particular project, the answer is simple. This project not only effects the residents of Honolulu, it effects every taxpayer in the United States since Federal funds are going to be applied for in order to help fund the project. In other words, once Fed funds are dumped into the project, I'm paying for it too.

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