Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Fainting dieters among cause of MTA delays

NYC NY - A story at the site caught my eye. The number 3 reason for subway delays in New York City is due to dieters that pass out on the trains. While other illnesses are also included in that number 3 ranking, fainting passengers lead the pack for the "sick customer" classification according to the MTA.

Only track work and signal problems beat out the dieters for delaying the subway network in the Big Apple.

The last line of the story will bring some grief for the MTA:

The MTA strongly urges all riders to eat something - anything - in the morning to keep the subway rolling.

You just know some group is going to complain about the MTA encouraging people to eat in this day and age of the government and advocacy groups telling us all that we're too fat and that we need to diet and exercise. "How dare the MTA encourage people to eat just so they can keep the subways on schedule" and "What about the homeless or poor that can't afford to eat in the morning?" It's coming, just wait...

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