Thursday, December 14, 2006

Liberals paying to ease their guilt

Jill Cody now feels better about herself since she's paying a company for a "pass" so she can drive her car. Many other eco-conscious people are doing the same according to an AP story which was picked up internationally.

These guilt ridden Liberal environmentalists pay companies to "offset" the emissions that they generate when they drive their cars or travel on airplanes. In exchange, they get a sticker for their car which they then display proudly to tell the rest of us that they are doing their part and can now drive their gas guzzler guilt free.

Give me a break. If you feel so guilty about driving Jill, scrap that 10 year old Lexus you drive and hop on the bus. Don't try and tell me that your part of the solution just because you give money to a company set up strictly to profit from your guilt ridden conscious.

What is funny about this whole thing is that these guilt riddled Liberals think that they are making a huge difference. They aren't. If they were so concerned, they'd be on public transit and if they had to own a car, it would be a hybrid, not a 10 year old Lexus that doesn't meet current emission standards. The same increased emission standards that the Liberal environmentalists push for each year.

I have to admit this though, it is refreshing to see these guilt ridden Liberals parting with their own money to ease their conscious for a change rather than their usual method of spending my hard earned money to ease their conscious.

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