Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fayette Area Coordinated Transit - The MOD Award

The Fayette Area Coordinated Transit (FACT) system has moved significantly in the right direction since it's days of just providing limited local service in the Fayette County Pennsylvania area. New buses, expanded and new services, a consolidated maintenance, storage and office complex and most importantly, increased ridership all have contributed to a transit system that is headed in the right direction.

It wasn't cheap but FACT utilized the money wisely and put the focus of their efforts on improving the operation for the ridership. New commuter runs to Downtown Pittsburgh have dramatically improved services for riders by taking them where they wanted to go. Now, service to the Century III shopping mall in Allegheny County are in place for the Fayette County residents who have requested it.

Although still considered a small town transit system which receives little in State operating funding, FACT has turned itself around and is making itself noticed through its services. The continued improvement in focusing on the riders and expanding services, even though many systems in Pennsylvania are making long term fare hike and route cut plans, earns FACT the first MOD Award. By utilizing the basics of public transit, FACT is growing and improving while other operations are faltering.

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