Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Transit worker puts beard to work during the season

Dayton, OH - From the Dayton Daily News on December 5, an article for the Christmas season.

A Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority operator takes on the role of Santa Claus with help from his flowing white beard and a Santa hat. There haven't been complaints from the "offended" and those I have talked to in the area think it's great that the driver is doing this.

What better way to celebrate the season and even attract riders with some good old fashioned holiday cheer. It costs the GCRTA nothing plus it generates good publicity for the system and the driver, Donald Kern, enjoys his role of being the Santa bus driver.

Many transit systems in North America frown upon such displays of Christmas cheer. Drivers in many systems that put on a Santa hat to celebrate Christmas are often reprimanded. Even saying the politically correct term of "Happy Holidays" in some operations can result in a reprimand going into the drivers permanent file.

Two Laurels go out on for this story. The first goes out to the GCRTA driver, Donald Kern for making the trip a bit more cheery and the second goes out to the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority for allowing this and understanding that it is good PR for the operation.

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