Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Laurels and Lances Awards

I currently offer 4 different "awards" for public transit. These awards are designed to highlight the transit systems, individuals and other entities that do it right and those that do it wrong.

1. Laurel - A move in the right direction to improve public transit.

2. Lance - A move in the wrong direction which ultimately hinders public transit.

3. The MOD Award - To honor a transit operation for dramatically improving operations by using the basics. The basics are service and productivity. This award is named for the MOD era at the Port Authority of Allegheny County in the early 1970's where PAT used the basics and achieved record ridership levels, increased productivity and national recognition.

4. The Chambersburg Transit Authority Award - To "honor" a transit operation for being royally screwed up. This award is named after the Chambersburg Transit Authority in Chambersburg, PA which had to be shut down due to how poorly it was managed.

Other awards may be created later but these 4 should cover the vast majority of public transit issues.

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